Billy is my equivalent at work. He is short and bearded. He always wears a tie. He makes film productions. One of his creations was aired on television. He smokes cigarettes. He has a Playstation 3. He follows through on my movie recommendations. He is dating and living with a girl.

He asked me about my engagement to Musette, telling me that he is thinking about proposing to his girlfriend.

“We talked about it just the other night. She told me that if I’m ready for it, she’s ready for it.”

I told him that Musette actually proposed to me.

He thinks that’s very progressive.

“But your girl is proposing to you.” I said. “It’s the man’s position to accept or reject a proposal; he’s always the one the most hesitant to subscribe, and the girl’s always just waiting around for him to ask her. It’s not fair, for one thing, making a girl wait forever.”


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