Tossing your Cap

No more papers; no more ID checks. They say the youth must have proof of personality; that’s where I drew the line. Just let us live; and give us healthy avenues to fulfill our desires through.

College courses depositing you into the same positions as the drop-outs doesn’t give us much hope. You’ve got to get us through that curriculum and put us where we can make this place more pleasant for us all. Even the best off of us have still so much to be sought. Life became a business and then remained so, but we have been playing this same game for so long now and there is so much wrong with it.

There is divinity within ourselves, revealed as the mind’s reflecting dancer. Imagine this hero released into the world, and know that person is you! Through those actions which cut your inertia you are able to carve yourself out. There will be visible wounds present on your physical body even though the battle you fight is spiritual; and sometimes the world will shake without your ears hearing it.

The boat rocks as we proceed towards a more solid happiness. The rain drenches your clothes. The lighting alights the scenery. The world starts pouring itself into your head even though you’re not sitting there waiting for it. We cross ourselves with ash, trying to dissect one of the undesired portions of ourselves. But every hour of my day is suddenly filled with the dissection!


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