Food Poisoning

The closer we get the weirder I feel; but it’s always been like that. That’s the physics of space time. Warp drive portal creation, flying through the sky into a whole new language. New sights; no jobs. Until the portal closes, sucking you back into it; sucking you dry. Back to the routine; the old daily grind; space pilot bravo risking his life; but now what for? Now that the ring is on the finger. Is there another trip planned? Is there a trip that doesn’t close upon entering? A new base line.

The pirate ships; the space ships: it’s like my coworkers know what I’m living through in my personal reality! The holy ghost is hard at work stitching the imaginary into the real. The dream slowly changes. Too much change and the dreamer wakes. This web is so strong! It’s amazing we can live entire days, and then sleep into a wash of dreams.

Within dreams lie the secrets.

See those powers that bitch flyin’ with?

And look at your super strength!

You’re acting the way you’ve always wanted!

What is this?

I’m living so long that death becomes me.

I am the cowboy and the ship is me.

These papers that I take with me turn into money. The money turns into food. The food becomes me.

The food is death and death becomes me.

It is not safe to eat the food.


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