I claw my way deeper towards the beautiful truth, core, and source of this supernatural world: the illustrious holy grail – but there never seems enough time in our days.

I’m not in full sync. There is a limit to how much one person can handle, watch, do, watch again, do more of.

Write while standing. It gives you a good foothold from which to dig.

It is nice now that the new moon has risen and we can rinse out our old reflections.

The more you condense your notes, the better you will feel.

I meditate over my scattered blades of days, following a feeling through the narrative. These are pearls of great pride to me; magic becoming deeper through their arrangement. Synchronicity being realized.

It is through the narrative I find myself most purely these days.

I want you to see this ultimately private aspect of my existence, and to change the things which are rotting.

The closer y’all get to my heart the rawr this can become.

I fight my enemies with soul level poetry, but I have a spine just like anybody else.


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