Musette reminds me that we have to go to the bank to talk to someone about transferring accounts across state lines. We also need to pick up more checks. We need to pay the rent.

And I need to stop into Sephora for concealer. And I need to get a card for my dad’s birthday. And baby socks for Chesterfield.

We decide to bring Chesterfield.

I wait outside the bank with him, reading the same Emerson paragraph I’ve been reading for the last few days, while Musette is inside getting the checks. They come in sets of four. The teller prints four with only Musette’s name on them.

Such a beautiful name… he says.

I wanted them to have his name on them. She says.

The teller prints off another set with only my name on them.

Don’t worry, I won’t charge you for the second set. He says.

She asks him about transferring bank accounts to another state.

It’s super easy. Credit unions are connected to each other. And you can always close accounts over the phone.

She thanks him and we go to Sephora, but not Target, and nowhere for her dad’s birthday card.


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