Body or hair dismorphia.
Selfie = Self-Portrait
Keep giving those heartfelt performances,
Robin Write

This is the performance of a lifetime. I’m finding strength in the February moon. It’s all really just starting to sound like a good idea for what it all can be. I look for Lili, but can’t find her.

The light in the kitchen goes out. I’m back in the realm of Nothingness; like I’m going blind! I’ve got to find those pants, those pants, my favorite pants. This is what happens when you get close to the warpgate.

I need to continue doing the dishes even though the light went out, else how can I repel the putrefacation?

I am freed by the blindness. It takes the same form as the fluttering in my ear. I am a composer. I am a composer and a symphony. How can i be one thing, and yet another still?

I can be your tumblr tonight.

This is the performance of a lifetime. I’m using ello for chatting, discussion, whatever. Flying through port city at a thousand degrees. New York is on the horizon. The yOung Prince HambeRg in his court. Hump crying from his lonely place in yesterday’s news. I am going blind. This is all part of my weeklong siesta with god.

There is no editor. You can no longer download the json of others. I am finally Leora. Galaxim watches me eat meatballs with my lil’ kitchen nightmare. So many people come back evil from the dead. Overdose of grail magic. Poison in the gut of Laertes. Is this real life?

Stop lurking bibles


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