I enter ello as the Marquee Grievance, telling them I would like to talk to them about making a movie together.

Audiophilek asks which roles need to be filled.

I tell him that I’ve got three holes which need to be filled, and ask if he wants to fill one.

Yes, he says. I’d be perfect, but no lines all action. When can I audition?

Here is what I’m going to need for sure, I say: cameramen, lots of them. A cinematographer. Bogarts. There’s a case here. This is part mystery movie. Who is @zoet, anyways? Archaeologists. Social media experts. Saint mothers. Galaxims. The whole cast. Boom Operators. Gophers. Craft services. Stuntmen. Audiophiles. Aesophs. Toes. Dicks. Shakespeareans. Li… La… Ley… Lum… That dude’s special tool. Titans. Wizards. And trust. Lots and lots of trust.

He says: Low budget big picture Noir who dunnit with an ensemble cast of misfits, pushing the boundaries of art and technology, backers who don’t step in when you challenge the audience or head up the river into the jungle for a year and establish your own society?

Years says, I’ll fill your hole anytime 😉

Snow_ball says: I have dreamed of doing so. and i have gathered up some of the tools.
But JUPITER ASCENDING has a 10:00pm showing.
So I will put my dream on hold for three more hours.

Lili says: I’m less of a gopher and more some variety of bilby. Any room on the arc/ark for me?

I tell her there is always room for her, and ask snow_ball if Jupiter ascended.

He says: It’s just Mila Kunis, we know her well already because we’ve looked at her face a lot.
I wonder if the movie would have been better with some unknown hottie.
I may be underestimating ACTING ABILITY as a real talent and finite resource in the universe. I may be under a false impression that you can just walk into any coffeeshop in America and pluck the pretty girl from behind the counter, and turn her into a major movie star, just hire a dialogue coach or two.

Lili writes a heart and a whistle.


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