We aer perverising. Fear is for people who stay in safety parties on Halloween. I am beginning to scare the children. But I know there is an enemy nearby. I have seen the silent photographers, watching from the sidelines with flashbulb awareness. There are master trolls inside my computer. The ghosts, lili, they are here… I know you can see them. They have form now.

Another key falls from between my teeth. It’s the price I pay to help us across the desert. I am becoming stale. These things I’ve seen, I’ve seen too much of. I am a motif. I ate like half the box of Fruit Loops Bloopers in one day. Everything is getting quite scary. I just want more Strauss. I need more symphonies. It is admirable to love oneself. Mobius Dickus. I can be your eternal friend. I am crying, alone out here. I always have a headache.


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