Swingers and Strippers

The person at the swinger’s club gives me a Rockstar. I tell him I am moving to New York. He says one of the other bartenders is from New York. I tell him that I know and describe the way his personality changed when he started talking to me about it.

I go to The Terminal. The bartender working is a big white man. He has a calm energy. Always seems to keep the bar clean. Probably a dork. But I see something good in him. I don’t tell him I’m going to New York. I only see him once a week. I’ll tell him later.

At the strip club, my favorite girl is there. All of our favorite. Beautiful Bianca. I already told her I’m leaving. She is sad but happy for me. I told her I will be getting progressively lazier and chattier, and she said she is ok with it.

The other day I pictured her giving me a blowjob in the back room as a special going away present. I have thought of her sexually many times. The other driver who I am training thinks she is cute also.

I told her that the other guys at the store want to meet her, and that they would like to come here before I leave, as a sort of going away party, and she said that it is a great idea, and that she can reserve the VIP room, which has its own pole, a curtain barrier, a bottle of champagne? And maybe a round or two.

‘Wow.’ I said. ‘Ok.’

When I told the guys at work, they were really excited. It’s becoming a surety now. This is going to happen. I told Bianca I don’t want any special TGIFridays birthday style attention. She doesn’t know that I am a voyeur. Somebody surely will call attention to the fact that the special occasion revolves around me. I really hope they don’t pull me on stage and whip me with my own belt. I’m not even sure I’m alright with getting a blowjob, unless maybe it’s from Bianca.


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