The Second Run: Third Stop

The third stop is a place called Water and Rock. I’ve never been here. It is a new account. It is far out on the East side. Thirty something. I keep thinking I’m going to run into Audiophilek there. I keep thinking I will run into him everywhere.

The restaurant has a parking lot, which is rare. I park in one of its spots. There are many open. A big SUV stops behind me. It stays there for a minute. I just want it to move. I call it a bitch. It backs into a parking spot at my side. Two lesbians get out with a child. I do not find them attractive. They stare at me. I want to attack them both. I dont care about the child.

I enter the restaurant without my boxes. There are only two, but I don’t know the procedure for bringing them in. A sign in the window says the place sells coffee and pastries. There is a counter at the front. A couple of men are interacting with the clerk. The lesbian couple walks by, not entering the restaurant. They stare at me as they walk past.

I spot a bar and head towards it. There is an open kitchen with a lot of chefs working furiously. The bartender is cleaning a glass. She sees me but does not acknowledge my presence. A woman pops up at my side. She has a checkbook in her hands. I recognize her from another bar. Audiophilek is nowhere to be found.

She says I can bring the liquor through a back, sliding door. I hand her the invoice and head back to my van. She works on the check while I am gone. I bring the liquor in. There is a middle aged man working on something and a Mexican man with a pin in his hat sweeping. I don’t understand what this place is. A second kitchen… A prep kitchen…

I ask the mustached white man, who is also wearing a cap, if I can set the boxes in a nook between counters.

‘I was told they will be moving them upstairs.’ I say, trying to console him, realizing he is probably going to be the one moving them.

He says it’s fine if I set them there.

I meet the white woman I know back by the bar. She gives me the check, and tells me she is happy to see me and that she was wondering if it would be me making the delivery when she placed the order earlier that day. I tell her, she has me now, but only for two more weeks. She doesn’t seem altogether too sad, but she is middle aged, and there is some sexual tension in the air.


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