I emailed my father. Did I already say that? We need him as a guarantor.

This is what I wrote:

Hey Dad,
We want to start looking at apartments for an early March move in date. There are some documents you need to have ready in order to help us as a guarantor. The documents are the same ones a renter needs: two pay stubs, two bank statements, one or two tax returns, and a letter from an employer, or if you own your own business, a certified public accountant (CPA) must provide a letter stating the guarantor’s income. Guarantors are required to make at least 80 to 100 times the monthly rent. (If our rent is $2,000 per month, a guarantor needs to make $160,000 to $200,000 per year.)

It was mostly cut and pasted from one of the websites we are looking at apartments through.

He wrote me back and asked who the landlord is, ‘Donald Trump?’

I told him it might be.


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