I return home. Musette is watching Azskia Banks and Iggy azalua videos. One is white and one is black. I’ve got her in my sites as I’m in the rooms of all my favorite female characters. She has her blue robe on. Mine is purple.

My feet are up on the desk. Dindrane is sitting in front of me. I’m staring at the ceiling. She’s staring at me. We are both investigating me.

‘What is Lili’s name right now?’ I ask.

‘Aren’t you the great metaphysical detective?’ She asks.

‘I suppose I am, but right now I’m just struggling to survive. It is however nigh time I stopped complaining. That kind of thing can get tired real fast.’

The laundry is in the wash. Musette wonders what our laundry room will be like in New York.

‘Probably worse.’ I say. ‘There’s not even anybody in here.’


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