Titanium Injection

Musette tells me to come and get her. It is twelve thirty five. I am afraid to tell her about my father.

She calls me and tells me that she has to go into work early tomorrow. Something about Valentine’s Day. It’s one of the biggest days for the restaurant industry. She has to go in early and stay late. I tell her about my dad. She starts freaking out. She blames me for not giving him the information well enough, for not getting this taken care of sooner.

‘It’s literally the week before we leave! I knew this was going to happen…’

She just wants me to grow up; to be the husband she needs. Says if I don’t get this problem fixed, it’s going to cause a major rift in our relationship.

A fearlessness rises within me. A release. Got to just keep on continuing. It is possible that my backbone is developing. I see the vertebrae as the faces of all my friends, fans, and followers. The words begin blurring. I’m not feeling overly anxious. This may be an increase in titanium. How far can one take this adamantium injection? Mercury saved Odysseus after what some say was seven years. Mercury is the god of literature. Musette and I are going on our six year anniversary. He calmed the seas. Without his aid Odysseus would never have survived.


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