Dead Skunk Stinking

Work is a jerk because of Kirk. He has taken over driver responsibilities for the day shift because Clive up and bailed before his two weeks was up, coming into work one day, seeing Mudsac’s car in the parking lot, calling Dick and quitting.

Kirk hasn’t had any training. He just walks into places and asks them how they’d like to receive their order. He doesn’t know how long he should wait for a check. He doesn’t know the best roads to take. He doesn’t know where the van’s incredibly horrible blind spots are.

So it eats into my shift, turning me into the apologizist. Hours late to some of my stops. He isn’t in the store when I come into work. Doesn’t get back until past six, which leaves me with no opportunity to find more agent numbers for my parents, which leaves that opportunity a dead skunk stinking.


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