Underground Tunnels

I have to focus. We are in free fall. The tunnel just shrunk, bit it is not gone. This will take accuracy, determination, patience, and a calm mind.

People do this all the time. Heroin addicts live in New York. I have to get Musette to the church on time. Nobody gets this opportunity. No one has ever gotten it.

The black knights have stormed our reality. The tyrant emperor Moriarty wants to foil me. He wants to suck me back into his rotten Catholicism. The Christians are being hunted down.

I need to focus. They are in the church! The sound of slaying is in surround. The Valentines Day massacre. Underground tunnels. Networking.

The gamification of moving to Brooklyn. My credit is bad. We have no income. Our potential parental guarantor is a faithless coward with darkly hidden agendas and wrath. Jealousy. Envy. Denier of Christ.

Subletting is all I can think about. Airbnb pops up in the search engine. Our ticket to Paris. New York the first option on the list.


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