Pissin and Jizzin

The dog asks to be let out. While I’m getting dressed to take him out, Musette’s alarm goes off. I snooze it for her.

While I’m outside, I feel like farting, but I don’t, because I know it will be loud.

The dog shits. It is medium density. He urinates in some pebble edge work. There is nobody else in the courtyard.

Inside, he struggles to lick his butt clean, and then he drinks a whole bowl of water, to wash his mouth out probably.

Musette’s alarm goes off again. She snoozes it herself this time.

I finish my espresso, and at 11:11 get in the shower. My favorite sweater is hanging from the shower rod. I intend to wear it today.

I fart freely in the shower to the sound of Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 8. Farts always seem to smell worse in the shower for some reason.

I urinate down the drain, and then I masturbate to a kiss fest imagining of Musette and her sister, followed by images of her strained face as I add my jissom to her sponged out inner soppiness.

The music starts skipping. I wash my body with African black soap and exit the shower. I do not wash my hair often, and when I do, Musette does it for me, performing her baking soda, apple cider vinegar procedure on me.

We are out of deodorant, so I have to use the salt crystal that we picked up during our stay at the Alpha Institute. My robe is in the living room. I exit the bathroom naked at 11:30. Musette is snoozing her alarm. I put my robe on and make another espresso. I turn the heater on, and sit on the couch in front of it, writing.


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