Crazy Red Heels

There were four boxes for The Twist. One is a Titos vodka box, one is a Smirnoff, one is a Jameson, and I don’t remember the other. They are not cases of the indicated product. Each box has a mixture of other products within it. These are called repacks.

The bartender has me count the bottles off to him. They are arranged every which way. It makes it difficult to know what’s what. I have to take my time and be careful.

The road that the twist bar is on is the same one that is connected to Safeway, so I drive from the twist bar to Safeway and return Lucy, the movie we watched last night.

A homeless man sitting out front of the store says, yo, can I ask you a favor? But I didn’t know that he was the one asking me the question, it sounded like the voice of a ventriloquist, I looked every which way but right at him, totally ignoring him as I made my way back to the car.

There is a cobblestone road which leads back to my store. My dick itches as I bounce over the stones, probably because I masturbated bare hand earlier today before work, like I always do.

The swingers club wants their order between 7 & 8. There are five boxes for them. There are 11 boxes going to the crash bar. There are five boxes for the yellow daisy.

The crazy girl from Valentine’s Day who wore the red heels, I don’t know if I mentioned her at the time, but I definitely should have because she’s an interesting person, she came into the store holding a pink Charlotte Rouse bag and a coat which looked like it had nothing underneath it. She kept looking at things and trying to read them, like the boxes I was taking out and people’s shirts and she was just saying weird things. I ended up asking her how she was doing and she told me she was tapped out, and it didn’t seem like she was drunk. her words were not slurred. it’s like she’s on some sort of drugs. She left and came back to the store the other day and she was reading people’s hats and she hissed at somebody and my manager told mansack my boss about it and he came out and kicked her out of the store for loitering.

She was dressed relatively well, today she’s wearing all black, very sporty outfit, I like Addis style. She has a hood on, her hands are tight like leggings, her shoes are sporty, backpack on all black. She is skinny. Straight. I do not know what is going on with her, she seems so crazy, but how does a crazy person get herself so well presented?

Its like she wants to come into the store. She keeps pacing back and forth in front of it., as I’m unloading my truck she stares at me deep they’re questioning, I am reminded of Lucy the movie we just watched last night, & I wonder if she is unlocking more of her brain, she seems so curious, so scared, so overwhelmed. I honestly wonder if she is a girl named Ashley from The Bachelor this season, this girl Ashley had a nervous breakdown or something, she just went crazy on the show. she looked into the sky and say things that didn’t make any sense.

I come to you for their grips with the notion that I can make things happen, like I can talk to this girl, investigate the situation. I’m not going to say that life has new meaning to me after this revelation, because I have known of this ability to exist for a long time and I’m trying to unlock it, I guess it’s just something in this crazy girls eyes, under the confusion the separation from the heaviness and restrictive miss the real world that we all live in, makes me see her and his gateway into this deeper tunneling method of living.

This is why it becomes so important to watch our words. They they are keys which can open up the wormhole is a possibility, writing builds upon one another like cobble stones in the past which make you dick itch when you roll over them. I want to make your dick itch. That’s the kind of writer I am. I want to give you jumpy tummy as you drive over the moguls of my mind. Butterflies in your guide the light from the cocoon of the everyday as I use these keys to unlock their crystallization.

How to get to feel like the crazy girl, sitting here talking to you taking my time thinking my wife my eyes become wider. The guy and had to crash bars like what did you walk all the way back to your store for this and I’m like I can’t even explain myself because my mind is just like not there hundred percent. & I know that the purpose of this whole thing is your main present I got to be paying attention to things like what people are wearing what they’re doing what’s going on thats how I can find the doors into the next universe into the deeper portions of the egg with it which we all live app on and perhaps we can get within to become the next thing.

Sometimes I just want to give up Hope, like

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