humanity and decency

I am sorry the format of things isn’t perfect. I know there are some who read here and others who read elsewhere. I know that everything has a certain purpose. AB, you are always here for me. I want to be like that girl on Wetlands. I want to roll around in the dirtiest bathrooms. I’m learning that all that matters is the writing coming out.

Style is important. Choose your social network wisely. Choose your blog wisely.

The dog has had like nothing to eat today. He is traumatized. Nobody seems to realize this but me. His shits have been messy and gross. These are the trials of Saint Carlton of the Chew.

Et says that outside my comfort zone is where the magic happens. I am a dog. Why do I have these rules that people have to subscribe to, like humanity and decency? Look, I’m fugueing. It doesn’t matter. The dogs have to get used to each other. Look, I’m phasing.

There is good reason for being in each place we are at. This is the zone where all of our toys are splayed out amongst a whole bunch of strangers. I am warming up and the dog will warm up as well. How can he not?

This is my place. This is my zone. I am in their apartment. I am using their wifi. Victoria is in her room, using her computer. She got upset with Musette, who got upset with her, because she wanted Musette to call her by her new name, and Musette was like why do you have to talk to me like that?

When we got here, they were at the grocery store. We both had to pee so bad. We had to go back to the car and sit in it, because it was cold outside. They knocked on my window. Carlton barked at them. I couldn’t look at them. Gina looked better than I’ve ever seen her. Victoria seems bigger in the face and arms. She still has good style. I believe I can see a medication difference. But, like I said, she got pretty upset about this name thing. But, like I said, I got pretty upset about the dog thing. Is my dog even upset about their dog playing with his toys? Am I the crank? I’ve been driving nonstop. I want a private room. Et says that outside my comfort zone is where the magic happens. We once had our own private forum. We could all keep each other posted on everything that was happening in the world. There is something to be said about saying these things.


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