Tearing It Up

The morning begins with an itch in my throat. Last night I told Musette I have been feeling sick. She asks why I didn’t tell her earlier. I say that I wanted to make it to Salt Lake before saying anything.

I had a disposable e-cigarette which ran out of juice. It was supposed to be the equivalent to two packs of cigarettes, but it didn’t even last one day. I keep trying to puff it, finding the addiction arisen anew.

It’s better like a cigarette now than the one we had before. This one looks just like a regular cigarette and I don’t have to press a button to make it work. It’s supposed to be a light. The bold has an orange filter. This one is white.

Gina and Victoria’s big dog, let’s call him Chartreuse, was rubbing his face over the towel we set down as a foot towel. It is a towel I usually use for my body, but it is dirty, we didn’t wash it before we left. That’s why we were using it for a foot towel.

It happened right after we took a shower. We left the bathroom door open. Gina told us we were supposed to close it. We were both out, sitting in our bathrobes. Mine was undone. Gina and Victoria came out of the same room together. I had to sit with my legs together, facing a certain direction away from them. Musette kept telling me to close up the front of it, because it kept coming loose as I would become more comfortable. Thank goodness I was wearing underwear. It’s the same pair I’ve been wearing for the last few days. My other underwear is in a barrel in the back of the truck. All of our underwear and socks are in the barrel.

I’m wearing a pair of Gina’s socks. It’s really grinding at my thoughts. They are an awkward length. Not ankle and not knee high. Chartreuse tore the top off of Carlton’s eggplant toy. That was the last straw. I picked the toys up off the floor and put them in Carlton’s little basket. Musette told me I could put them up so I put them up on the fridge. That’s where Gina and Victoria keep all of Chartreuse’s toys.


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