Fashion Class

I changed my profile picture. It feels good. It was supposed to be a .gif, but I guess I can get over the fact that it’s not. I see other gifs on twitter, but there are people who know things that I don’t, like how to insert strange characters into their usernames which I have no idea how to do.

I like to be the smartest person in the room, but I’m usually not. It doesn’t matter all that much though. The whole reason I got into this is to write. That’s what I’ve set up to set me apart. I thought the black dot would simplify things, but I can only see it leading to more unnecessary battles. There are so many black dots in the world. It’s not what I want to be known for.

I am phasing, testing success. I am teasing success, tasting success. I am a phaser.

Things come in repeats. I want to be where I want to be, letting myself fall into place. The perfect text editor for every situation. It’s all part of the case. It’s about being fashionable, I tell myself as I walk the streets, head tilted forward, mumbling.

Is this fashion? Is this style? Can you say that it is class? I am one of your brightest students?


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