My mom and sister are now fifty minutes late to picking us up. I look up writing/editing jobs on Craigslist.

Musette is planning the itinerary for our trip:

Salt Lake to North Plate = 9 1/2 hours.

North Plate to Davenport; right on the border Iowa and Illinois = 8 hours and 30 minutes (driving) – does not include stops.

We’re not sightseeing.

We cannot handle eleven hour days, so instead of a three day trip we are doing a four day trip.

Gina asks if we need to look up hotels ahead of time.

Musette says that the main thing is that they need to accept dogs.

The last one is Cleveland to right outside New York. So that way we wake up early on the fifth day. Be close enough to New York so that we are only an hour out, but outside the city. An hour out of New York. Wake up early, there relatively quick.

Drive to storage space, unpack, drop off stuff we want at the apartment, and drop off truck by four.

Musette feels that all of that can be done in one day.


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