We make plans to go to the truck and unload things which will be staying here with her mom. There is a little kennel and parts to an ice cream maker. Musette wanted to sort through everything in the truck to find out what we would be taking to the sublease with us and what we will be stashing in the storage unit, but I told her I don’t think it is necessary because we will be having to go through everything anyway once we get to the storage shed.

I take Carlos out. There is a U Haul backed up to the building. It looks like a sixteen footer.

Carlos poops. All his poops have been small and stringy. I think it has something to do with his anxiety. He hasn’t been eating much. We also haven’t been mixing his ground food into his kibble since we’ve been on the road.

My parents want to take us to this McFarland movie. It has Kevin Costner acting as a track coach. We don’t end up going though, because my dad decides he would rather go bowling.


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