I’m still so tired from this sickness. It is keeping me up at night: my throat itching, large amounts of mucus globbing from my nose and up my throat. Kafka died so young. I hope I don’t have pneumonia. I know it killed one of the presidents, but goddamn for the life of me if I can ever remember which one.

We are having pot roast for dinner. I requested it. My mom asked me what I wanted. It’s what I always answer.

After dinner we go downstairs and play a game on my sister’s husband’s xbox. It’s a trivia game by the creators of You Don’t Know Jack.

My grandma doesn’t play, even though she has her ipad with her. She is a Words With Friends Addict. Musette’s mom is a Words with Friends addict also. We get my grandma’s username to give to Musette’s mom.


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