Brad Pitt’s apartment is a mess. He’s got two coffees in the rain. Face in a plate of spaghetti for at least forty five minutes now.

Hands and get tied, face in a bowl of spaghetti.

Morgan tells Brad to be quiet.

Bucket of possibly bloody vomit.

Somerset wants mills to help the officers question the neighbors.

“Belt says detective same as yours.”

“Don’t jerk me off.”

Paper reads, murder has a new uptown address.

Fat boy ate himself to death.

Defense attorney Eli Gould.


Red glasses around a woman’s picture.

Bled him to death.

Mills is heading up the investigation.

Somerset tells a handy man to stop peeling his name off the door.

plastic mixed in with fat boys food.

Somerset returns to the murder scene.

There is a pineapple on top of the fridge.

The plastic is from the floor.

Glottony written behind the refrigerator, written in grease.

Quote from Milton’s Paradise lost found with the word.

Chaucer, Canterbury tales

Police play poker on the upper floor of the library.

The Divine Comedy

Dictionary of Catholicism

Stuttgarter Kammerorchester J.S. Bach: Suite No.3 in D, BWV 1068 – 2. Air playing in library

Mills gets Cliff Notes

Mills’ wife wants to speak with Somerset.


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