“Quit being so damn depressing.” the girl says, still standing next to me after all this time and all this abuse and all this neglect…

“Where is Lilli?” I ask.

“Staring at a little dog or something.”

“Why am I here? How am I here? Are you real? Are you really you?”

“I am who you need right now, in your own personal world. There are a few of us. Most of us are women.”

“I had a brother once. Or twice. Or more times than that. One brother, two…”

“You need to tell us about your past. You need to remember how you got here. Can you do that for me? What happened to you once you went through the worm hole?”

“The worm hole? I can try…”

“Not here. Tell the detective. Put the words where they belong. Tell him what he wants to hear. Build up your empire. We need you. And you need yourself.”


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