She will be off within an hour, no doubt. She always gets out and tells me to meet her at the subway stop in twenty minutes. That’s just how it works.

I have a window view onboard the S.S. Appropouture. The S.S. Page has me running through decks of creaking wooden floors, setting sails outside the store, and restocking the spirits on the shelves. I am 55% the way through Vanity Fair. Durl is telling me that ello is what’s next. What do you think? Budnitz will be on a retreat for about a month. Lucian and Todd are heading to Belgium.

A continuous scroll, there is power and purpose there. I’m working on making what’s next. My phone is chiming. The reach is expanding. The music sounds a little better right now, but that’s because I’m playing playlists of my favorite favorites. The only problem is that I’ve heard all of these songs already. At least I can hear them again and again and again–so long as I’m playing them from my computer and not my phone because I cancelled my Google Music subscription. Now I use Spotify with the ads and automatic shuffling on mobile. They are calling my phone a flop because of its numerous bugs and low release sales. They are making another version now of an older model. Galaxim wants a game where you don’t have to shoot people. I told him that all I ever do is shoot people.  I am the poet who all he ever does is shoot people. Kill them all. Maybe that’s my motto because I am obsessed with myself.


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