Tom Riddle’s Interview

“So, is your name Appropouture? or what is the deal with that?”

I don’t know. It ties everything together though. It is my god name. Appropouture is a demon and these are his bibles.

“So, you’re saying that you’re not him?”

Maybe I am. Maybe I’m @bibles. @libels. @SidneyMoreau. @SidneyGrey. @FranklinMahoney. @SeamusGrainsworth. @AlexandreCardigan.

“What are your friends’ names?”

Well, there’s Atlas and Jack. They are both maybe gods. Or angels. And there’s Piper and Lirpa and Galaxim and Durl and Et and eatadick and lilli and my dog and Musette and that redheaded girl from the bookstore and Leora and @budnitz and Celine and…

“Who is Harry Potter?”

I don’t know…

“Are you Tom Riddle?”

I don’t know… I’ve been thinking about that too much recently though.


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