I’m just trying not to be so intrusive. If you’re on ello, you hardly have but a choice to follow me. I’m not here to clog up the lines. I’ve got a personal blog and I know how to use it. The Salt City Hymnal comes on the playlist again. The shower awaits me on the hour. My dog is wanting to use the facilities outside. Patches of dirt and planters full of ground up glass. Piper is throwing a baby shower. Lilli is giving me the support of stars. The draft editor, it can be my home. Remember to die. Remember to keep on shedding skin. This goes beyond ello. My boss finds this and says, “Son, who did we hire.” And I say, “My thoughts are contaminating me.”

I imagine a bright return of fanfare and praise.

Grady says, “Who is Bane?”

Have we fought him yet? Look at the new Joker. A psychopath. First a gangster, then an anarchist, and now a psychopath.

“And what are you, Master Jack? Are you trying to burn down the barn, or build it up? You’ve got Master @todd’s attention. What’s the point of all this, Master Torrance?”

Sometimes when you hit it, it just starts blasting through you, tumbling all the locks inside of you, getting through the grout so that you can have a crisp, clear, refreshing drink of light and power and purpose. That relief. A breath in a drowning life. A step above the failure. Real change! Real impact!

“What’s the endgame?”

Salvation? What do you want to hear?

“I’m just trying to help out.”


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