Five Dollar Footlongs

Today marks the one week anniversary of my new job. I would like to celebrate by getting something good to eat for lunch but Musette restricted my budget to five dollars a day.

Yesterday I got a six inch tuna from Subway which cost four dollars and fifty cents. All through the month of April Subway has been offering any footlong on the menu for six dollars.

I kept bringing that up during the conversation Musette and I had during my lunch break. It is the only moment we get to talk anymore.

There is a way to subvert the five dollar crunch. It entails spending less than five dollars one day and then adding the remaining balance towards the next day’s lunch.

After the conversation was over, I went to Walgreens and bought a soda juice and Snickers bar for three dollars, paying for the transaction with cash so as to keep the purchase out of Musette’s awareness.


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