Something Sweet

The dog keeps staring at me. Penelope is out there somewhere. Somehow I feel inside she never really left my side.

I spent under five dollars on my lunch yesterday. I spent three. Musette called and asked what I was having. I told her a Lunchable and a soda juice. She told me that wasn’t enough for a growing boy. I went into Duane Read and got a Snickers bar from the register. I asked if I could pay with my card. The black girl who looked like a boy said swipe your card. I do not remember the machine asking if I wanted cash back, but the amount on the reader was twenty dollars high. I told the machine that the amount was okay because I’ve never told it no before. The girl/boy gave me twenty dollars with my receipt. I quickly shoved the money in my pocket and rushed outside.

“I screwed up!” I texted Musette, telling her what happened.

She consoles me.

“It’s okay. We have money.” she said. “Now, you buy yourself something sweet with that twenty dollars, my doof, like a lollipop.”

My heart slowed back down. I turned my phone back onto airplane mode and re-entered the workplace.


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