Musette doesn’t eat much of the cupcake. There are two halves of a peanut butter cup on top of it. I eat one and proffer the other to her but she shakes her head so I end up eating both of them.

The cake is chocolate, almost black in color.

We leave the bakery/eatery and conclude that we need something to drink. Passing by a cafe, I ask her if she would like a coffee. She shakes her head.

“It might be a good idea.” I say, but she’s just not in the mood.

We end up getting a Snapple Lemonade from a street vendor. I was expecting the price to be two dollars but because we are on Time Square, the man charges us three.

Sitting on the red, plastic, Coca Cola steps across from the New Year’s Ball, we drink the Snapple.

There are two police officers wearing orange vests talking to each other. It makes me nervous to smoke our schmiggy. There are so many people around us. Families and couples, enjoying their vacation in the big city. But people have got to do what they’ve got to do. And I love it. Being around tourists who are having the best time of their lives makes me feel that much better about myself. I live here. I’ve made it. I’m on acid 24/7. Living the dream, roaches and all. Rats the size of your cats.

A line is forming at the theatre. We can see it from where we’re sitting.

“Are you ready?” Musette asks.

I chug the rest of the Snapple.

“I am.”


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