After dinner, we go to a liquor store. There is one right across the street from The Lobster Pound.

Musette wants to get me a bottle of whiskey as an anniversary gift.

The place is small. It is not a specialty store. Back to Basics. They don’t have a large selection. Everything is separated from the customer by walls of bulletproof glass.

“What is the best whiskey that you have?” Musette asks.

It’s a little old lady who works there.

“George Dickel and Bulleit.” She says.

I end up getting a litre of Wild Turkey 101. It is just a bit more than pint of Jameson. Thirty two dollars.

I maneuver my card through the walls of bulletproof plastic.

“Credit or debit?” The little woman asks.

“Debit, I guess.”

She pushes a pin pad into the plastic. I reach in and enter my code. She places the bottle in a small black plastic bag and we leave the liquor store.


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