For a few days before this phone call I had been seeing shards of Lisa scattered through my reality, on the train, on the sidewalk, everywhere. Multiple forms of her, parts of her mind harboring the thought of me focally.

I spent my one day off with Musette getting an air conditioner from her brother who gave it to us for free. It was heavy and there was a grating on the back that he said if you ran your fingers down would shred them.

It would have been very difficult for us to take it home on the subway, so we used Uber for the first time. The ride was free because of this. The guy who picked us up wasn’t very talkative. He opened the trunk and we put our air conditioner in. Musette told him that it was our first time using Uber and he just shrugged.

She kept having me look at the map to make sure the guy wasn’t driving us somewhere other than our destination, but we got home safely.

The next day I was scheduled on registers (go figure). Lisa came back and was acting manager for a while. She kept fumbling around on the register next to me. I don’t know if she was trying to prove something, like that she was one of us or something, but it wasn’t working.

She didn’t say anything to me regarding my supposed no-call no-show.

Musette told me that I had to ask her about my schedule so that I didn’t make the same mistake twice. I was sent upstairs for an assignment later in the day that took me right by her office. I saw her sitting there, so I went in and said,“So about yesterday…”

It was very important to Musette that I should not say sorry. I did not do anything wrong. I am ninety-five percent certain that Kristen said nothing to me about making my anniversary up.

Lisa showed me my schedule, acting like I was dumb that I didn’t know how to read her Excel spreadsheet.

“Tuesdays are your Saturdays and Wednesdays are your Sundays.” she said.

“That’s what I have written down, and that’s fine. I just don’t want to be blamed for anything that I don’t do.” I said.

She gave me the same condescending scoff that she always does and I left her office.


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