“I want that damn bird connected to everything. Do you hear me? I want it on the ello. I want it on Facebook. I want it on my tumblr. And I want it on Medium. I want that thing running back and forth everywhere I damn well go. I want it to hear my thoughts. I want it with me all the time.”

“Sir, we will do our best. The technology is just not currently in place to handle all of your requests.”

“Well, what do we have to do to get this technology in place?”

“Your political power is just not high enough to maneuvre these sorts of demands. It is going to take more time and more energy on your part.”

“Fine. What’s my next appointment?”

“You have a five thirty meeting with the laundry. The Kind Pen warranty also came in. So you should probably fill that out before Musette gets home.”

“Get me my schmiggie please.”

“Yes, sir.”


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