One of the first steps in saving a city is identifying the problem.

“Things are not going as smoothly as they ever have, I have to admit.” he says, taking another sip of coffee. “The fire in my eyes is like a lightly lit match tip.”

“Strength of will allows one to do a great many things beyond their expectations.”

My chin leans closer towards my chest.

“There was a dragon of trash that rolled up next to us as I was trying to describe to her the vision I had had. People in orange vests came out and were standing all around me, listening as I talked of twitter and wordpress. An ugly old man was looking girls up and down.”

The underground was overtaken by this gang of orange vests and in my mind I knew them to be redhoods. They were just standing there on the stairs, watching, listening, sneering. Everything I said was being covered by the stench of their gestalt. I kept talking though it did me no good.


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