I hope that I placed the right postage on each of the documents. I only put one stamp on each of the envelopes even though one of the envelopes had four pieces of paper in it. After dropping the envelopes into the big blue mailbox out front of the post office, being pretty sure that they won’t be picked up until Monday, I headed towards the bank near the laundromat, holding the box of envelopes in my hand and passing the laundromat on the way.

There are two tasks that need to be accomplished at the bank. First, I need to get twenty dollars so that I can pay for the laundry. Second, I need a sheet of checks so that rent can be paid.

Everyone who works at the bank is black. There is a man wearing a suit who asks me how I’m doing. I tell him that I’m doing alright. He nods his head. He then tells a kid that he knows too much after the kid demands that the woman he is with get him a sucker. The teller, a young woman, gives the woman who the kid is with a sucker to give to the kid and then she takes one for herself.

I am next in line. The young woman calls me over while sucking on her sucker and talking to the young man next to her. I tell her the two things I need from her. She tells me that the sheets come with three checks on them.

“I’ll take ‘em.” I say.

She asks me how I want my cash.

“Two tens, I guess.”

It doesn’t matter. The laundry is going to cost sixteen dollars.

She hands me the two tens and goes and gets the checks. They only have Musette’s name on them.

I tell myself that they should work, taking them without causing any sort of scene.

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