I played Destiny when I got home. Piper messaged me saying that I’d better be at the literary festival. I told her that I had already gone and come back. She asked me how it was. She had wanted me to live blog the whole thing to her but I hadn’t done that. I told her I would write about in a little bit.

She asks me if I will go see Winnie the Pooh for her at The New York Library. I tell her that I will if she pays my subway fare and for my lunch and an iced coffee. Accommodations will not be necessary, I say. It’s a simple day trip. Now, if you want me to go running with the bulls, that’s a different story.

I reach level five in the Iron Banner while casting my gameplay to Twitch and then I try my hand at Trials of Osiris with Quorion and his friend Ghost. We win one of the first matches and with the buffs we bought from the disciple of Osiris the match counts as three wins but we win no other matches and complete our trials passage. So I turn the game off and complete my account of the literary festival.

Later that night I pick Musette up from work. She asks me if the smell is still in the apartment. She had poured Ajax down the drain and then run the hot water for about ten minutes.

The smell is still there, I say, but more subtle than before.

She is not pleased.

I looked in the hole and saw nothing. It is hard to get in there. Maybe you can do it because you’re smaller than me. The area by the cupboard door is impossible to see, especially since you poured all of the roach powder down there, but I took a paint stick and ran it along that edge and didn’t find anything.

It must be the sink, she says.

I don’t know what you want to do as far as a date is concerned. I say.

She says that she just wants to spend time together.

So we watch most of the Wet Hot American Summer Netflix series and right as she is falling asleep I stick two thumbs into her vagina, paving a path for my penis which then cum inside of her. I keep fucking her because it happened too fast. It takes a long time for me to cum again and she gets dry inside so I get the Astroglide from my desk drawer. I have to squeeze hard because we are running out.

Add another thing to the grocery list, I say.

After I finish the second time, she thanks me and says that she hopes we can do it again tomorrow.


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