We hang out with her brother whom I am giving the name Andrew and his Korean girlfiend I’Lill who is practically his wife. I have to buy another metrocard because I used all of the money on the one that the guy gave us.

I thought it had fifteen dollars on it, says Musette.

I guess it didn’t, I say.

We put twenty dollars on the card and get on the train and ride it to the 8th avenue stop in Manhattan. We meet up with Andrew and I’Lill and walk to the high line to watch the sunset.

I tell them about how we went here with my parents.

I thought you said you’ve never been here before, says Andrew.

No, says Musette. I said we’ve never seen the sunset from here before.

On the highline I tell Andrew and I’Lill about how we took my parents to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway and how it cost them a hundred and twenty dollars a ticket.

We sat in the same seats as them but on directly opposite sides of the theatre, says Musette.

All of us are hungry so we get off the high line and go to the Chelsea Piers where there is a restaurant called ‘Wichcraft. It sells sandwiches. The time is 7:45 and ‘Wichcraft closes at eight.

I am going to order the special of the day which has pork in it but Andrew tells me that he is ordering it. We always get the same thing so I decide to get a grilled chicken sandwich. When Andrew approaches the counter he asks for the special and the girl working behind the counter tells him that they are out of it so he gets a burger instead.

Musette gets a turkey sandwich with bacon on it which is what I was also planning on getting before she told me what she was getting. I order the grilled chicken sandwich and the girl tells me that they close at eight.

I know, I say.

It is just going to take a while, she says.

I can order something else… I start to say, planning on getting the fried egg and bacon sandwich which was what I was also planning on getting because of its price, but the girl ignores me and asks for my card.

We all pick out Cokes. Everyone searches for a name they like. I get Donovan. It was the first one that I grabbed. Musette searches for a long time and pulls out Alexandria which I can’t help but think is very similar to Alexander, the name of my old best friend.

Andrew takes a bag that belongs to someone else and as we are waiting for Musette and my sandwiches the sandwich maker calls Andrew’s name. Andrew gives the girl whose bag he had taken by mistake her bag and then he takes his from the sandwich maker. Musette and my food comes faster than I was expecting considering the comment the girl at the register made.

By the time we get outside the sun has already set. A gradient redness lingers through the cityscape.


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