Destiny has me by the controller again. Piper is Skyping. Audiophile is wobbling around ello like a sheriff whose badge got ripped off. I can feel the salt in my blood. It’s giving me high blood pressure.

Make sure that everything connects and you should be fine.

I am just losing, I am dying in this world. How does one make money? How does one provide for a child? This is where crime comes from. This is why we do stupid stuff, because we have to put someone else’s life above our own. It’s the point where so many writers fail.

She is getting nervous as she approaches her thirties.

You should really have one before she’s thirty, says Piper.

That’s the age where after there’s a higher chance of having birth defects, says Musette.

That is the last thing I want. Birth defects. A healthy child is hard enough.

I am a dying pig. God is merciless. His sadism has no limit. It can go on forever. That’s Hell. This is a horror show and the only escape is more horror.

Get a grip. says the judge.

What am I? Where am I? What’s going on?

Get in the shower. he says. I take off my underwear and comply.

Musette cut my hair last night.

It looks good.

God, are we supposed to be in this thing together?

Isn’t it a waste of water to piss in the toilet before getting in the shower?

Why are you helping me? Aren’t you a villain?

You are mixed up at the moment. Names, places, people. You’ve got alzheimer’s. But that’s no excuse. Now get in the shower, boy, so that we can pour you some of those honey nut crispers.

Are you Burroughs?

Something like that.

I thought you were dead.

You’re pretty deep in this, kid. Remember, they had to reassign Lestrade. Somebody’s gotta get you clean. You can call me Skinner.


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