Look at yourself in the mirror. You’re losing it.

No, not me. Anybody but me. I’m entitled. This is the song of me fighting the salt coming up and out of my throat.

This is grail magic.

The quest is not an easy one, says the judge.

How can I be sure that I’m alive? I ask.

You can’t be dead, you’re the hero – right?

What phase are we even in? One second we’re in Rome, the next we’re in Egypst.

To be honest, you just sit in a chair all day. Might as well be lying in your coffin.

Consider myself a member of the air chrysalis. Sometimes you have to die to be born. And what is birth but a really big break? I take it I’m on the operating table and you’re removing something from me?

Maybe we’re removing yourself from yourself. Maybe it’ll help you find a job better. Like that new haircut of yours. I’Lill’ll be so proud, if she survives the camping trip she’s on. Eight hour hikes are nothing to scoff at. Ticks and chiggers are real threats in your current state.

What is it doctor? Diabetes? Gonna have to take my legs, my arms, my eyes, my ability?

You’ve got a serious case of Destiny, boy. Don’t you know how to read?

I mean, am I dead or am I alive? Can I get a second opinion on this?

Don’t worry about that right now. Don’t worry about that ever. You talkin’ to me, that’s something.


If that’s what you wanna hear, then fine, it’s me, Burroughs.

Burroughs, I dun dun it wrong… I dun failed. I’m just a young buck. There are so many options out there now. So many places to tear yourself apart into. I don’t know what I’m after anymore. The enemy doesn’t seem as clear as The Babadook once did. I can’t wrap my head around the conflict. I can’t identify the case.

First thing’s first. One step at a time. Take this.

What is it?

Tequila and cranberry juice.

That cranberry juice is old.

No it ain’t. Cranberry juice lasts a long time. You’ve got till Sept 15. Just take it. Don’t you trust me?

I don’t know. But I’ll take it.


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