There are tissues full of crusty cum all over my desk.

I tell myself that I can do this. I’ve got no choice. Two days off can accumulate a lot of trash. Clif Bar wrappers and so many toilet paper wads. Leora is never home. It’s all GirlsDoPorn and Chaturbate.

There is a bag full of my clipped hair on the entertainment center.

I hope you’re happy now, I’Lill, I say, looking into the bathroom mirror.

Where’s that schmig?

Grady searches the apartment with my body.

Here’s this, sir, he says, handing me my crown.

The schmig? It’s called an addiction for a reason.

Yes, sir. Of course, sir. It’s somewhere around here, sir. It couldn’t have gotten too far.

It’s too long away. That’s the problem right now. It’s too long away. We’re dealing with time. This is a time machine not a space ship. Time is life, time is space, where’s that schmig?

So, you’re saying we are dealing with space?

Just find me that schmig!

It was in the bed, Grady says, handing it to me.

I wish you could do the sheets, I tell him. I really do.


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