2.58 for not dry


I have been sleeping on some dirty ass linen.

Gotta get it dropped off before the Amazon order comes.

Musette loads the majority into one of the bags from our last order. There is also a separate plastic bag for things that we don’t want dried.  

Just go through this and pick out what you want cleaned, she says, indicating a small pile on the floor. Try to be sparse though.

While she is in the bathroom, I take the linen from the bed and put it in the bag.

I walk her to the subway. It is hot outside. She tells me to drop the laundry off when it gets cooler.

No can do, I say. If I don’t drop it off early enough, they might not be able to get it done by tomorrow.

Tomorrow is her day off. She needs clean clothes to wear to work for the day after.

When I get back from dropping her off, I sort through the pile immediately and pack everything up. It is a few blocks to the laundromat. There is a man out front unloading two big bags from a van. Another man sits in the driver seat, lazing. He has a red cap and a white t-shirt on. The man with the clothes follows me in through the door that I hold open for him. He is not dropping his clothes off. He is doing them himself.

There is a young white man sitting on a chair in front of the counter reading a small book with headphones in.

I place my bag on the scale.

Do you want these washed together, the woman asks.

It is the same woman who misplaced our clothes last time.

I tell her that I do and she starts dumping the clothes in the plastic bag into the Amazon bag, mixing everything together. I reach forward and start scooping the dumped clothes back into the plastic back.

I want these washed together but I don’t want the ones in the plastic bag dried, I say.

Okay, she says, but that will be an extra two-fifty.

That’s fine, I say.

She prints me off a ticket. The total is seventeen fifty. The ticket is blue.

Tomorrow? I ask.

She nods.


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