I’ve got my hands stuck in ello and I’m trying to wave to Fugue State Press but what are they supposed to see? A butchered boy? Scattered three sheets to the wind? They say they publish the unpublishable. I’ve never considered myself more so. I mean it must be a marathon staying in the game for them at this point. But I kissed them because I have always believed that someday not too far from now there will be something to put all of the pieces together. Time is the great protector of currentivism. Like a father being run from.  

I’ve got to find a job. I see no way through this as far as holding up my flag all bound and covered is concerned. I’m not pulling in dollars during readings. Am I too scared or just a rogue personality? Wild card tarot reading says maybe I’ll do it tomorrow. Just provide me with the right opportunity.  


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