Labor Day Begins

I enter the scene to a mixing bowl of lavender and hydrogen peroxide sitting on the counter next to the french press which Musette, my wife, had soaked her scalded hands into the night before to soothe not only a massive smoky quartz like blister, which arose, popping up off one of her fingers like the gemstone of some overwrought ring as a result of a fry oil accident she suffered while working the meat station of her work’s kitchen, but also to soothe the rangeline of other relatively small blisters ballooning along her hands’ finger hill entirety.

I put four scoops in the press, the kettle on the stovetop, and half an atomizer’s worth of berry juice into my schmiggie.

It is bright and hot in the apartment. My Little Oven. Only 74 degrees outside but it it is at least ninety in here, being up so close to the roof.

Sitting at my desk, I pull my Guatemalan worry dolls out. The accompanying sheet of fortune cookie paper says that they are meant to be interacted with immediately prior to falling asleep, so I put them back in their container.

The kettle whistles and I pour a half-press. My mug is dirty, so I rinse it in the sink until I can’t see anymore brown. While the coffee steeps, I take a shower without masturbating, attempting to surf more properly the wave of time, with proper qi, and without any bloating, not living up to my own guidelines however regarding face shaving, as I neglect to make a run with the electric razor, thereby throwing kinks into my daily consistency plan to eradicate the possibility of noticeably missing spots.  

Getting dressed, I put my yellow T-shirt on that my sister gave me as a Christmas present one year. It is another of those secondy-thirdsy type shirts. It seems like it’s taking so much longer than it should for my favorites to come back into rotation.

I pour a mug and it goes straight to my ass, my asshole to be exact, my upset stomach churning the unseen remnants of the dirty mug, making me sick, along with my already nervousness, tiredness, and still aching as almost always crookneck.


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