I find it generally better to be early rather than late. Though I am a grand procrastinator, tired of the percentage of them on all fronts walking to work in the black cloak of mind your own expectations of thunderstorms later, dude. Not running this time because I gave myself like almost an hour to get there. Down or up Flushing. Remember that time the toilet clogged? Remember that one kid in Seattle called Kurt Cobain?

Cookies, pretzels, gummy bears, and Project Runway. I hope my thyroid doesn’t blow up. TD Bank commercials are offensive. The volume levels are different for each commercial. New movie coming out called Amityville the Awakening. A house may be too big for us, being that all we ever do is lie in bed.

The dog goes back in his kennel. Look at how many more nights we’ve got to spend with him and all because we chose to rescue him on his voyage down the river Styx.

I take him out to the bathroom. There is a Marching Band parading up the other side of the street. He is so excited. His tail wagging ecstatically. He looks like he is smiling. His eyes are wide open.

Do you like that music? asks a woman passing us on the sidewalk.

I really think that he does. He’s had music with him his whole life. Playing over the Bluetooth, but it is rare for him to get a live performance like this.


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