This morning when I get to work, the keys are not in the box. I call my boss. He tells me to meet him at his house. It’s not far, about four blocks away. He gives me the address, which I put into my phone. Following the navigation instructions, I am taken to his front steps where he is sitting sleepy eyed in a white bathrobe, dangling the keys from his fingertips.

These are the last set, he says, giving them to me. Linda gave hers to someone the other day and she hasn’t gotten them back yet.circular-dribbble.gif

I ask him if he wants me to bring them back after I’ve gotten the shop open.

No, he says. Just leave them in the box next to the register.  

What’s your plan for the day? he asks.

I tell him that I am planning on working on the Aspire article that I’ve been working on for the last couple of days.

Does that sound good? I ask.

He tells me that it does.

Do you have anything else you want me to work on? I ask.

He tells me to look at the old articles and make them better or delete them.


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