The dog woke me up this morning but it was probably a good thing. My boss had told me yesterday that he would like me to work four hours from home doing SEO work. He has a lot of ideas regarding how to take his smoke shop to the next level.

I was frustrated with my dog. I didn’t kick him but I refused to look at him. I didn’t slam his tail in the door either, and I didn’t do it last night intentionally. His blood has stopped seeping into the white hairs at the tip. When I touch his tail today he doesn’t flinch. But he still stinks. He still stinks even though today I washed his feet in the shower after he stepped in his bloody poop which was difficult to pick up off the sidewalk and cold to the touch.

Maybe he ate Ibuprofen. There was a shaved pill and red smears on the bed. Maybe he licked the outer shell off of the one that I found. But how many others had he eaten? There’s no way for me to know.


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