There was blood in the dog’s stool again but not as much as there has been recently. It was a little cherry on top. He had made two piles in two different places on both sides of the post-office which was full of people who had nothing better to do than stare at him through the large windows that wrap around the building. He didn’t have to squat for nearly as long as he has been having to. The stuff came out of him much easier this time.

Last night I was pressing around at his belly and I found this one area that felt like a small protrusion. He would flinch when I touched it. I didn’t want to press at it too hard because, for one thing, it was hurting him, and also because I didn’t want to move whatever might be inside of him into a worse position than it’s in.

I’m just happy that stuff is coming out of him through his butt. If he starts throwing up then I’ll be more inclined to believe that we have a problem.


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