I still haven’t shaved. I didn’t shower this morning either. My boss and his girlfriend are in Virginia, but I am aware now that they have the ability to check the cameras anytime, anywhere, and that my boss likes reviewing the footage often to make sure everyone is working like they should be. The other day they found out that one of my coworkers had been watching movies during his shifts so my boss gave him an ultimatum.

Either you work three shifts for free to make up for the time you stole from us or you’re fired.

Musette said there was no way that she would have let me take that offer.

Your boss can’t do that, she said. It doesn’t matter that you guys are being paid under the table. Your boss is crazy.

But my coworker took the deal, and apparently was very appreciative for even being offered it.  

I think my boss’ girlfriend, Linda, told my boss that I was questioning her regarding the situation. So then he calls me up and asks me about it, and I was, like, no; I wasn’t questioning you. And he was like, good.

Now he has me doing this work from home stuff. One day a week. Not a big problem. Possibly a benefit. At least I’m getting paid my usual wage, not that that’s anything to brag about. He keeps telling me not to gouge him. At max four hours at nine dollars an hour is only thirty six dollars. He’s a cheap bastard who is making us work on Thanksgiving. Like a smoke shop needs to be open on Thanksgiving. It’s probably going to cost him more money having somebody work that day than he’ll make by being open. If I were him and I wanted the store to be open on a day that promises so little sales I would just work the shift myself. But like I said, he’s in Virginia celebrating the holiday with his family.


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