Musette finally called. She told me that she was getting on the subway. I said, thank goodness you’re not dead, but I’m worried about Carlo. She asked me what was going on and I started telling her but then she told me that she couldn’t hear me because she was underground and her train was coming and that she would call me once she got off. I told her that I would leave in twenty.

Time couldn’t pass fast enough. I was glad that her phone was working. It would have been embarrassing had I taken Charlo to the vet, but then again it might have saved his life. He’s not dead yet, but it’s not Thanksgiving yet either. Every moment is precious in these life or death dog situations.

People in other countries don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. A feminist blogger is causing quite a stir because of the yeast infection bread that she’s making. There was a post on /r/breadit that I was updating frequently but that got removed from reddit because, I’m guessing, the moderators or /r/breadit would like their subreddit to be a wholesome place to discuss people’s more conventional bread creations. This whole yeast scraped off the dildo thing is a little extreme for many of the frequenters of that thread, I’m sure. But it would have given me such good karma.


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